Luke 11:31 - 53

God will say what you are doing wrong, not because He is mad at you. But because He cares about you. He does not want you to go on the wrong path. He just wants to correct you and love you. 

Math Quiz

I have an almost suprise quiz. My teacher decided to tell me there is a quiz tomorrow. I hope it will be canceled. If I keep saying the quiz will be canceled, hopefully it will be canceled. 

Who Wants an Ice Cream Palace?

I want an ice cream palace made out of vanilla, chocolate, mint, strawberry, and cherry ice cream. It might melt, but I really want an ice cream palace. I might end up eating my ice cream palace. We could share if I ever make an ice cream palace. We...

I Won't Let You Go by Switchfoot

"If you could just believe in me now I swear, that I won't let you go." This is my favorite song now. It was on the radio this afternoon. I heard it and felt the tears coming out of my eyes. I, often, feel very lonely. I have trouble making...